Getting actionable data about
who is doing what on your website.

Web Analytics

All websites should have Google Analytics, or some other web analytics tool. And any search engine optimization, Google AdWords, or social media project should begin with a review of your analytics data.

Why? Because web analytics track every click of every visitor for every page of your website. Because your web analytics data is the only honest and objective view of how successful your website is — and it's hard to argue with honest raw data.

And because one of the best web analytics packages, Google Analytics, is free.

What will it tell you?

  • Who's coming to your site
  • Where they're coming from
  • When they're coming
  • If they bought or downloaded anything, or read a specific page
  • How long they stayed, and how long they spent on each page
  • How many times they've come to your site
  • Who sent them
  • And tonnes more

We can help

CertificateWe ensure that your site, new or modified, leaves our shop with Google Analytics, or some other form of web analytics tool, installed and collecting data for every visitor and every click on your website.

We analyze your web analytics data in advance of any project we conduct for you. It identifies clearly, along with your business requirements, some of what needs to be done in virtually every service we provide.

We implement your initial version or restructure your existing web analytics implementation to ensure it brings actionable information about your site. Targeted, measurable, actionable information. We focus on key results, not just interesting information.