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Social media

There's no shortage of questions about social media: What is it? Everybody says you should be there ... should you? Isn't 95 percent of social media just a bunch of kids talking about their lunch and the latest movie?

The critical questions

The most important questions, however, are often the most neglected:

  • What business problems do you have, what strategies are you undertaking, that an investment of time and effort in social media can effectively address?
  • How can you take advantage of the 5 percent of social media that is not kids talking about their lunch?
  • How do you make sure you don't say too much or make a serious mistake in public you can't take back?
  • Should you just watch for a while and see in six months what the best approach might be?

We can help

We can help you answer these questions. Guide you to the business benefit. Help you define your requirements, watch the social media marketplace and see where you may want to engage (or not).

But first we'll help you get a solid understanding of what social media is. Knock away the misconceptions. Present some of the real benefits — and the potential risks.