Moving your website up in search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization

Everybody wants to get to the top of Google. Not an unreasonable goal. But it's better to be in a position in search engine results to be clicked on by a prospective customer who doesn't already know about you. Not somebody who typed your name into Google rather than typing in your complete URL.

Most people use Google to navigate to a site they already know more than they do to find a new site. You want the people looking for new sites to find you.

What you need

Site structure — using the underlying HTML code to make your site accessible by search crawlers, load quickly, identify clearly certain pieces of information, and adhere to specific coding techniques or procedures.

Content — using current, relevant and compelling content that is referred to, or linked to, by related websites. You need to have a presence that extends beyond your website

We can help

CertificateAny website we develop has the underlying code and structure that supports effective Search engine optimization. We can review an existing site and recommend changes in the underlying structure to improve your search engine results. And more importantly, improve the quality and number of people coming to your site.

We can conduct a comprehensive review of your website and your business goals for that site, and recommend changes for improving your search engine results. This usually involves content changes, adding links, or using social media elements such as blogs, which can often be a real boon to search engine results.

Search engine optimization is a wide open, changing field and an initial consultation with us (typically free) can help you determine whether you'll get the benefits you're looking for.