Attracting interested customers to your site,
to the right page.

Google AdWords

Our Google AdWords implementations are focused on your prospective customers.

Specifically, we help you pinpoint the words they use to search for products or services and leverage those words to guide customers to your website. We also help you to make clear choices about your ads so that they're targeted and work together with your website to send the right customers to the right landing pages.

That way you get the most out of your investment.

The conversion

The ultimate goal is a “conversion” – direct interaction on your website between you and your prospective customers – getting a sale, a download, or even just an email address.

We can help

CertificateWe can provide a simple, initial implementation of Google AdWords, making sure it's focused on your website's strategy, and that you measure your performance and act on the results.

Or we can take your existing Google AdWords implementation to the next level – conduct detailed keyword research and ad testing, expand your campaign, or add a Yahoo or Bing Pay-Per-Click implementation – to increase conversions.